My name is Maria.  I created the name ‘Meelia Leather’ as a combination of the names of my two beautiful daughters ‘Milla’ and ‘Lea’ both as a dedication to them and as a celebration of the beauty and sensitive nature of women, which, of course, is reflected in our appreciation of beautiful accessories!

Practical Chic

We ladies love to look our best and wear fashions we admire and which flatter us. But for us to feel confident, these must also offer comfort, practicality, and quality. Our handbags are made with this very much in mind.

Unique Designs

Meelia Leather bags are designed and handcrafted in a small studio using high quality materials, combining a range of classic designs with contemporary styling.  We hand cut from leather in a wide range of colours and all our bags are individually made and finished – so each one is unique.

Luxury Leather

While Meelia Leather is a family business based in Oxford, UK, we source our leather from the unused stock of an Austrian company: Anbe-Home Places: www.anbe.at which manufactures luxury leather furniture using the finest Italian hide.

Lasting Quality

Purchasing unused sofa leather means we reduce waste and support sustainability. It also means our bags are of the same level of exceptional strength and durability.